Do It Yourself Photo Booth

Our new Do It Yourself Photo Booth is ready for your next small party. It prints and allows emailing and texting of the images to you and your guests, and you can do it yourself to get the best deal available on a Portland photo booth rental.

DIY photo booth set up portland rental

Some events don’t need an operator to manage the crowd.  Test out our DIY booth rental at your next gathering.  It is affordably priced and delivers an amazing photo booth experience.  You come over to our office in close in NE PDX and get a 10 min tutorial.  Then you take the three small cases and transport the booth in any vehicle to  your event.  Return the photo booth rental the next day.

Call Soren today at 503-515-2880 to see if this booth style is a good fit for your next event.

diy photo booth rental cases smallThis is how small the booth packs up.