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We are Portland’s and Oregon’s oldest portable photo booth rental company. We love events and, “Everyone loves a photo booth!”  Photo Booth rentals you can trust to deliver fun and excitement at your event. Our amazing prop collection is always included.  We have 3 options for you to rent a Photo Booth for your next event in the Portland area. Non-Profit and weekday discounts available.

  1. Traditional Sit Down Photo Booth Rental (behind the curtain style) Deluxe Service with an attendant.See the Deluxe Sit Down Booth video

  2. Open Air Photo Booth Rental (standing with backdrop – open  for all to see the action) Deluxe Service with an attendant.SEE THE OPEN AIR VIDEO

  3. Our New Do It Yourself Photo Booth (budget friendly -24hr rental- easy operation – portable  -real prints-email and texting)$250-$350 SEE THE DIY VIDEO!



Our Traditional Photo Booth rental is actually a BOOTH, where you can pile the people in and close the curtain. The Booth can hold up to 10 people unlike other traditional booths so big groups are part of the fun. Prints, Props and Attendant Included. Unlimited use during your event. All of our booths can be used inside or out and can fit in very small spaces. Click Here To Get A Quote!

traditional photo booth rentals in portland oregon

The open air photo booth option allows everyone at the event to see the action and the guests stand in front of a backdrop.  Our portable photo booths are a hit at any event. Your guests get 2 high quality PRINTED strips every time, and they can go into the booth as often as they wish. Prints, Props and Attendant included. Click Here To Get A Quote! 

open air photo booth rentals in portland oregon

The DIY Budget Booth is a new concept in photobooth rentals.  We have made it easy and portable, It packs in a case and fits in your car.  You pick it up and deliver it back the next day. The booth prints, texts and emails photo too. You get a whole day of use for a very low price.  The DIY booth is an open air style booth with a backdrop. Click Here To Get A Quote!

 budget DIY photo booth rentals in portland oregon

Your Photo Booth Prints are easily customized with text and logos to personalize the strips to your event. Indoors or out we’ll come set up the booth, we will stay with the photo booth to make sure it operates smoothly, and we take it down and remove it after your event. We’ll travel to all Portland Metro locations as well as Vancouver, WA. Your guests can also share their images via email, text message.

photo booth strip from portlands best wedding photo booth rental

Photo Booths make great guest books at weddings, and amazing party favors for any event.  Booths are also amazing marketing tools because your logo is on the strips and no one ever throws away a photo booth strip.

We do discounts for Mon-Thursday and non-profits and smaller parties. (Less than 50 people) 

Portland Photobooth caters to nearly all types of events and parties. With enclosed style and open air photo booths.

  • Weddings
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Quinceaneras
  • Tailgaters
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Non-Profit discounts
  • Weekday Discounts
  • Call or Text  503-230-1181 for a personal quote

The  Full Service Portland Photobooth Experience includes the following standard features:

  • Real -High Quality- Photo Strips
  • Unlimited Photo Booth Prints
  • Professional Booth Attendant
  • Digital Copies of all Photos
  • Custom Print Designs & Logos
  • $2 Million in Liability Insurance.
  • Share! Email and Text Photos Instantly!
  • Props included!
  • Custom # of Hours Available

Our 3 types of photo booth rentals were designed from the ground up for events. All of our booths can handle big groups of people. Even our traditional booth is great for groups of 8!


Our clients include: Nike, Adidas, Boneyard Brewing, Honda, Fiat, Dutch Brother’s Coffee, Toyota, Legacy Health, Microsoft, Purdy, McDonald’s, OHSU, Randal Children’s Hospital, HP, Sheraton, as well as many law firms, real estate groups, colleges, churches, public and private schools, Hospitals, and non-profits. We also provide photo booth rentals to private parties like birthdays, weddings, reunions, Holiday Parties, carnivals and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.people in a photo booth rental with props

Why You Should Rent A Photo Booth (Our 4 most popular event types)

Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Booths add fun and entertainment to any event.  Renting a photo booth for a Wedding is where most people first encounter a portable photo booth.  Weddings have a lot of people who know each other but don’t necessarily see each other often, so a photo booth is a great way to remember the day spent with friends and family.  Kids at weddings often don’t have enough to do, but a photo booth ads hours of entertainment for kids as well as adults.  Most importantly, a photobooth strip is a gift from the wedding to your guests.  People take the photo strips home and never throw them out.  Real photo booth prints are an amazing gift in todays digital world.

Company Holiday Party Photo Booth rentals

Christmas and New Years are filled with events.  Think of how many winter holiday parties you get invited to every year. You can make your company holiday party stand out from the others by adding a photo booth.  People will remember the event all year by looking at the photo strips on their desks at work, remembering fun times with loved ones and co-workers.  We bring the holiday themedprops and make sure people have a great time.  Summer company picnics and events are also popular, as well as product launches, grand openings, anniversary parties and promotional events.

School graduation and dance Photo Booth Rentals

We have done so many school graduation and dance events that we can’t count them any more.  Graduation and promotion celebrations are perfect for renting a photo booth.  We do very generous school event discounts which apply to fund raisers, carnivals, auctions, dances and graduation events.  We put your schools name on the bottom of the strips to help brand the strips to your event.

Non-Profit Fundraisers Photo Booth rentals

With our non-profit discounts, hiring a photo booth at your volunteer appreciation and fundraisers is a great affordable way of showing thanks to employees, volunteers, and donors.  Photo Booths make events more fun, and when people have more fun they will spend more money.  Putting your organizations name at the bottom of the photo booth strips is a great way to keep your organization in peoples minds all year as they look at their prints on the fridge, tucked into a mirror, or at their desk.


All events, big and small can benefit from adding a photo booth.  Our new DIY Booth has been really popular with cash strapped events and smaller events such as Birthday parties and small weddings.  Call us today to learn more about our services. Click Here To Get A Quote!


Soren, Owner Portland Photo Booth,  (503) 230-1181



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